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Experience Like a local

We ARE NOT a Tour: The best part of traveling is Wandering, not being on a tour but exploring. Wander hires locals to curate travel itineraries for you to explore deeper like a local. Giving you all the tips and tricks to see historical gems, next up and coming restaurant, secret beaches, and untouched islands.

Our locals are teachers, moms, artists, tour guides, translators who love their cities.

Each itinerary is full Tips and Tricks and FUN FACTS you can’t find on Google. Our locals tell you the best restaurant recommendations, maps, links to websites and transportation hints to give you an authentic local experience.

We DON’T pair you with a local during your trip. You travel at your own pace with the Wander Like Me App with all your itineraries. It’s like having a local in your pocket.

So Support a Local!


Custom & Instant

Whether you need a last minute travel idea, or are planning a 7-day trip. We got you!

Your survey information is used to match you to 1-day travel itineraries.

We will take you off the beaten path and ensure you see the places that are IMPORTANT TO YOU. No tour groups!

Build your 1-day trip or 3-day trip using our daily travel plans. Your Trip, Your Way.



Save Time & Money

Forget going through all the books and asking all your friends for recommendations. Our locals will tell you all the tips and trips to have an amazing experience.