Wander Iceland’s Food Trucks

Iceland does have the most amazing waterfalls.

But did you know Iceland is also famous for their hot dogs 🌭. We had about three at this food truck. With some vino obviously  

Most people visit Iceland for the amazing road trip around ring road, traversing lava fields, beautiful volcanic hikes and numerous waterfalls. The waterfall’s bright blue glacial colors, the strength of the water falling over the cliffs and the remoteness of Iceland makes you feel emerged in nature. 

But equal in grandeur are Iceland’s hotdogs! When we asked where to eat in Rejkavik several people recommended the famous hotdog hut in the middle of town. We didn’t try this one, but only bc it wasn’t open the day we went. But trust me we will be back. 

While driving around the island we would picnic and grab food from groceries stores. But again and again we would reach for the corner store, gas station and hole in the wall hotdog stand. 

They aren’t like your seven eleven hot dogs. They are hot and fresh. Made with your choice of lamb or pork or both. 

Now the most important thing! Let’s talk toppings. You have your basic mustard and ketchup but you can get the works! Or choose from salsa, cheese sauce, dried onion, paprika, taco mix.

Here is a list of hot dog truck that have a staunch local following and can warm you up after hiking Iceland waterfalls all day. I like to eat mine with a glass of wine. 

1. Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

2. Pylsuvagninn

3. Akureyri Hot Dog Stand