Wander Union Island

It might not be the easiest place to get to. Three flights later, you arrive on the most picturesque and quaint of the Grenadine islands. While the yachting tend to favor the neighboring Bequia and Grenada, Union has more of a laid back vibe. As you dock, you are greeted by brightly painted fruit stands, bakeries of French bread influenced by the French heritage, and JT Procenter kite surfing school. Union island is so small you can walk from one side to the other, trekking over hill tops to amazing vistas of the Grenadines and on the other side of the mountain finding beaches all of your own. Feeling as if you are shipwrecked and never wanting to be found, Union is an escape from it all. If you want a Swiss Family Robinson escape, mixed with adventure sport and amazing French food, visit Union Island.