Kite Surf Trips on a Catamaran

Yachting isn’t for the rich and famous anymore (and I am not talking about Yacht Week). It’s becoming a more popular way to visit remote islands and beaches in the Caribbean, as your island hop to your final destinations. (See my Union Island post).

More and more adventure catamaran chartering companies are popping up in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Combining both island exploration and kite surfing, Kiteboat Cruises allows beginners and thrill seekers alike to test the waves and their kite surfing skills at various bays and beachfronts.

As a veteran, yachting pirate myself, I give these trips a massive HIGH FIVE. It’s a combination of relaxation as all your meals, chartering, lessons and kite equipment are taken care for you.

While trips like these are starting to become more popular in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I would venture to more unchartered territories to get the exclusive feeling and set sail to Bahamas.

Check out Kiteboat Cruises to book your next trip.