Wander Barcelona’s Healthy Eats: Beyond Cheese, Wine and Ham

I have been in Spain now for two months and I have been eating my way through each of the barrios. Tapas, cheese, wine, patates, croissants and vino at every meal. I was developing a bit of a croissant belly and was craving some veggies and fruits.

Here are my top three recommendations to finding some healthy eats while in Barcelona.

Brunch at Brunch and Cake: There is usually a line here even during the week but it’s worth the wait. Grab a café con leche around the corner and put your name on the list. Don’t be afraid to grab a blanket and sit on their outside seating with a mimosa and their amazing quinoa bowls.  

Fresh Pressed Juices: Salad bars and fresh green juices hard to come by in Barcelona. But healthy chef extraordinaire Teresa’s Juicery has corner this market in Barcelona. I would stop by twice a week to grab some Vitamin C and her chocolate vegan brownie. 

Dried Fruit and Nuts at Gispert: This place has been roasting their nuts at their store for over a 100 years. Their specialty is roasted almonds but don’t forget to grab some dates and dried mango. This was a regular stop during my stay in Barcelona. Definitely don’t miss it.

lauren mccullagh