Wander Barbados: Best Beginner Surf Beaches

First off, I can’t get enough of this island. I have been back five times in the past three years. It’s no secret that the surf in Barbados during the winter is some of the best in the Caribbean. Barbados has more flavors of the Caribbean spirit and nature than some of the other tourist snowbird getaways. Without the long beaches lined with streams of the typical hotel chains, Barbados is a scattering of beautiful coves, beaches and bays each with it’s own distinct character. At Batts Rock you can find amazing coral right off the shore, at Mullins Beach you can find the best roti and sunsets in pool calm waters, and at Crane’s beach you can jump off rocks. Same is true for surfing. Each beach holds something different whether you are a beginner (like me) or advanced and you can beach hop as you improve throughout the week or get bored of the same. Soup Bowl beach has also been featured in All the Rooms as one of the best beaches around the world, so you don’t just need to take my word for it.

I recommend Bruce's Mackie's  Paradise Surf School for lessons. They work as a team encouraging you every step of the way to get up on the board and you even get a video proof that you got up!

  1. Freights Bay: Lots of beginner lessons are done here so you might need to dodge some wobbly riders, but the soft rolling waves and long beach is a great place to practice your pop up.

  2. Carlisle Bay: The beach has a sandy bottom and the break near the Hilton hotel at the break can be a bit bigger than Freights to help you take your skills to the next level.

  3. Brandon’s Beach: For those of you who are intermediate feel more confident and consistently get up, I would suggest Garrison beach. There is reef but the waves have a bit more power and fewer people