Barcelona's Local Bodega Legends

One thing that I love about Spain is the traditional shop owners and the lack of commercial chains. There is still a sense of pride in their trade and passing skills and shops down from generation to generation. Each shop has it's own character and personality who runs them. But was is clearly evident is the joy they take in being a butcher, cheese guy or veggie women at the market.

They have taught me to love your job. Be great at it. And you will find love back.

There is a cereal restaurant in El Born, Barcelona. It's a great new trendy, hot spot, with young artists eating their hipster cereal mixtures for brunch. But if you look next door to the older, grittier Bodega, you will find a legend. He is the local favorite and has a staunch following of locals.  The food is fabulous or trendy, but here you will get the experience of locals talking about the recent soccer game and the gossip. The owner is the chef and waiter and will whip you up his favorite bocadillo and coffee. 

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lauren mccullagh