Spanish Classes in Barcelona

I have been in Spain for month and my Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese are a disaster. 

But I am falling in love with Spain. Yes, for all the obvious. Cute dogs. Croissants. Cafe con leche. Amazing architecture. Quaint streets with old buildings and balconies and all the Plaza Major.  

But the best way to be a part of the culture is to understand the language. Of course knowing Spanish help when ordering at a cafe and speaking with local but also some of the museums and art exhibits shorten their English translation and you miss some of the history and fun facts.  So having some Spanish in your back pocket is helpful.

I have been taking Spanish lessons and tutoring with Diego at Ole Language School.  It’s been a great way to learn more Spanish vocabulary, functional Spanish like how to order the all important café con leche and how much money it is and directing a cab to your home. Ole has one of the most flexible schedules for class schedules and you can start and stop at any time during the month.  Their teachers are also some of the most energetic, patient and experienced teachers I have had.

If you have time, it’s definitely worth popping into one of their classes or happy hours!