Prado and Plaza del Dos de Mayo

Ok, second day in Madrid. I went to Prado today and saw some lots of Spanish painting of aristocrats, Spanish history and of course biblical scenes. But in the midst of intense dark period piece, a young girl walked up to a nude sculpture that was lite by the sun coming through the sun roof. Her pink dress was the exact color of the background and she stood staring at the sculpture. Not sure what art critique she was thinking of, but it’s was the refreshing and uplifting real like art I needed. Thank you Pardo, Prado.

Then I was off with a friend to have some vino in one of the many city squares. On many of the summer nights, you will find twenty somethings with their bottles of wine and beer from the corner stores, sitting in the squares drinking the night away. Patio drinking taken to the next level.  Make sure to stop by Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Next day, one of my oldest friends came to celebrate her bday. Did the same plazas and more squares, selfies, changing of the Spanish guard (we still aren’t sure the real meaning of this) and then lots of wine and chocolate. Make sure to stop by the Boqueria for some wine, cheese and chorizo and stop for chocolate con churros at Chocolateria de Gines. We went to great roof top after for more bday cocktails.

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Old and new besties! Check.