Wander Madrid - Just not with Uber

I have landed back in time… summer. Sun and heat and I have a cold. All the travel to Peru, Vermont, NYC and Spain has caught up to me.

First off, my Uber and internet challenge. With limited internet service, no international plan when I landed, I rounded the airport parking lot a couple of times looking for my uber. Finally my cold and jet lag won, and I aborted the Uber mission for a taxi to my new hood for four days….Manasala.

Malasaña has cool grit like East Williamsburg but cute café and restaurants and wine bars like the East Village, NYC. With my first cafe on leche and croissant in my belly, I got lost again. Round and round in circles in this non grid hood! Starting to appreciate NYC street grid. But I was able to run some errands and get some flu medicine..cue miming cough due of cold symptoms to the pharmacist. Thankfully she understood and gave me some weird powder flu med.

Now with coffee, croissants and drugs I continued to walk the city to Plaza de Sol, Plaza Major, a church, a park and royal castle. All breathtakingly, old, crafted architecture, with care to details, and ornate with gold. The arts and appreciation for food, art and culture is evident. Slower pace of walking, slower eating, slower customer service….less stress. A welcomed adjustment. Slow down and appreciate.

Love Malasaña.