Landing in Spain

It’s so it begins…

I am off. I haven’t travelled alone or this long since 2006. There is no coincidence here. I had just graduated from college and was celebrating, but also contemplating what do now after all this schooling but had not real plan. Travel allowed me to explore the world and reflect on what was important to me and what do to next. Clarity was found.

As I am on this plane to Spain, alone, I am in exploration mode for my next thing!  

I need a break from this crazy city called NYC. I think we underestimate our ability to pivot and perhaps don’t allow ourselves. So under the encouragement of a dear friend, I pulled the trigger. Lauren out!

So follow me! This is probably as deep of a passage I will write. This trip is NOT about giving inspirational yogi quotes to everyone on Instagram, but about me fumbling through Spain and the EU. Fumbling through my bad Spanish, fumbling to meet new friends, through traffic laws, understanding menus, getting lost on roads, streets and my own apartment, fumbling through counting out euros, and fumbling home from the bars.

I haven’t read through any of my lonely planet and not exactly sure of the cities I will be going to, so you will have to stay tuned. 

I promise to keep the post brief and light and there were probably be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

lauren mccullagh